Sunday, November 9, 2008

Diner cruise & a popular Thai dessert

On Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River, there are several riverside restaurants - good food & lovely views. A pretty well known one is Yok Yor Marina near to Millennium Hilton.

Beautiful sunset view of Millennium Hilton, isn't it?

It is more convenient to get there taking a ferry from the Si Phraya Pier (close to River City) , a short walk from the Taksin BTS Station, across to Klong Sang Pier - only a 3Bth fare!

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Sights of passing boats during river crossing.

Yok Yor is just a 5 min walk to the right of Hilton, the one where cruise boat berth alongside.

The restaurant has an open air & a very relax atmosphere with nightly entertainment by local singers. Often with guests come on stage to Karaoke.. and sang well too (but not always)!

A good option is to board for a diner cruise - from 8pm. You can dine earlier at the restaurant and have your dishes transfer to the boat before it set off.

Knew I couldn't take decent shots from the boat, I settled to enjoy the views instead.

But before heading for Yok Yor, I recommend to check out a popular Thai dessert stall in an alley way probably 100m from the pier.

You won't miss it, after passing a row of little clothing stalls, it came to sight with locals in queue placing orders always! A few ladies with busy hands rolling little flour balls in an assortment of colors.

Cooked in sweet gravy and served with coconut milk - often sold out by early evening.

It was funny when I took their pictures.. they all got a shock as my flash went off! Guess they don't expect someone take a photo shot of them at work. One even gasped thinking a bomb went off! That was the time Bangkok was rock by a series of mini bombs.

Just a little further in there is a food center - many delicious food I discovered there too.

Had been back there couple of times since and pop by whenever in the vicinity.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My favorite Yarowat 'Hor Fun'

Whenever in Bangkok, I would find an evening to eat out at sidewalks of Yaworat (Chinatown).

This this the kind of evening traffic one can expect daily.. the prominent display of sign boards stretching out over the street is not unlike in H.K.

A little later, the neon signs come alive as the side walks on both sides began its nightly routine being transformed to food mall by the busy road.

This is my favorite 'Hor Fun' shop seen from the entrance of Soi 6. The cook is the man in blue.

What is special about it? I think it is the way he cooks it over charcoal fire. You got to see how he prepared them - putting his heart and soul into every servings!

He fried 'hor fun' with eggs diligently in small portions. The gravy with meat and cuttle fish are stir fried separately before being served together.

I would normally have another portion take home for breakfast next morning.
Yes - next morning! It usually turn out to be my night snack while I trade in the early hours.

Soi 6 is an alley lined with shops selling dried Chinese food stuff.. connects to Chareon Krung (parallel to Yaworat). Best to visit around 5pm as most are usually by 7 p.m.

End of a day but preparing a large pot of cooked vegies (Kanna Chai in Teocheow) for the next day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another visit to Don Wai Market

My brother came to Bangkok again on biz last week. Knowing he left out some dried fish in the hotel fridge (bought at Don Wai the last trip), something of a regret; I offered to take him there again before he depart. I won't bore with repeated scenes of food stalls this time.

As a rule, I'll always skip breakfast and come with empty stomach. By then I am hungry and can't wait to eat. This time we chose another floating barge for its noodles. Well, it was also a feast for the eyes with such tranquil setting as backdrops.

People still live and conduct biz the way as in the old days!

A river boat at anchor next to us. Thought it was on permanent anchor until it yanked its engine and depart!

A passing long tail boat seen over orchids by our table side! A five star setting!

The market walkway was lined with blocks of wooden decks this time. At some spots my head could touch electrical wiring overhead if not being careful. Reason? Raining season has raised the water level of the river. Only then I realized part of the market is actually over water on stilts - as I looked around more observantly.

Each time I came and left with some new experiences. Also each of us has our favorite choice of foods to sample and take away. The only shortcoming is the size of our stomach!

Yaworat (Chinatown) by night

Each night a small stretch of Yaworat springs to life; transforming the street scene into a lively atmosphere filled with food stalls - brightly lighted in contrast to the neon signs above. Traffic get choked up even more as customers trickled in gradually for a meal by the sidewalk. By the early hours, they are pack and stack away in the alleys nearby.

I like to feature more of Chinatown by night for a while.. but often it was a last minute decision to drop by without my camera. This time I made sure it was with me.

It was towards the end of the annual vegetarian festival, many food stalls still displayed the "Jei" banners around prominently.

This is my favorite Wanton noodle, its' signboard declares it is authentic Cantonese. Trust me, booth the noodles and wantons are really good!

It's location on Google Maps:

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This sign will help to locate the noodle stall at street corner.

A number of dessert stalls - Chinese style.

"Jei" dessert? These Chinese deserts normally has no meat content anyway.. can't fault them for displaying "Jei" banners too, right?

Ginko & bird nest soups? Hmm.. not too sure how true are its bird nest content!

This drink stall lady gave a look wondering why I took her picture?

I don't have a English name for this (Chui Kway).. best translation is a form of Chinese pudding! (Anyone care to help?) Met a customer who came all the way from Silom Road just for it - a testimony of how good it is!

This is a "Kway Chap" stall, there are two such stalls around. This is not my favorite but still well patronized nevertheless.

There a long queue here for its spring rolls. I loved fried food but have to give it a miss for other healthier choices.

Fruit vendors and some still on the move..

This stall serves soup and fried noodles.. yet to patronize them.

These Thai desserts mimic various tropical fruits in miniature.. with sweet bean paste inside.

It always captivate passing children, he was seen scrutinizing piece by piece for a while. I was fascinated just as much! Happy to a pose with a broad smile.

Find time to explore Yarowat by night.. surely you will discover something interesting each time. I still need many more visits to check them out all!

Still missed out my favorite 'hor fun' stall at entrance of Soi 6 - the best I had anywhere! It was closed for business this day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Thai Restaurant by the river bank

There are numerous good restaurants along the Chao Phraya River. One of which is "d River" on the Thonburi side of the river bank across the Krung Thep bridge.

Not only delicious, like the way the food being presented too - rice molded into a teddy bear!

The iron girdles of old Krung Thep bridge in contrast of the concrete superstructure of the new Rama III bridge behind.. tour buses atop provide a gauge to its size!

Tug boats straining its engine pulling laden barges upstream; floating dry dock & condos as the back drop.

A 2 hour river cruise with diner served on board this converted old cargo boat.

As the night drew on, the mood changed with lights of the night scene.